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What makes girl sexy

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If your a boy that wants to watch then find a boy with a knine and set it up.

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Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Many things. I can find girls sexy that are completely opposite of each.

A girl in a short skirt is just win. It also helps if she is smart.

We Asked Men 'What Makes A Girl Really Hot', and Here's What They Had To Say

Intelligence, confidence and a dominant personality. To add something that I forgot originally, a well-endowed physique. To be more specific, the word "chubby" comes to mind. Voluptuous curves are majorly what makes girl sexy to me. Cute face. Slim stomach. Oblivionfan10 Follow Forum Posts: Intelligent, self-confident, likes her parents I don't know why a girl needs this, I just like girls who like their parentsand ggirl that isn't sarcastic.

Though your outward appearance is what can initially attract someone to you, your personality is what makes a woman sexy to a man. to me a girl that is. tough but sweet is the sexiest thing in the world. (cat ears, thigh high socks, and glasses arent bad either >.>). You don't have to win the lottery in the gene pool to be sexy. We may not be able to decide the cards that are dealt to us, but we can decide.

Hoobinator Follow Forum Posts: Ma,es Follow Forum Posts: Won't this Thread be Locked? The wording of the titles breaches the terms of use i believe.

What makes girl sexy

Long hair, big boobies, nice eyes, nice booty peachy bum. In other words my girlfriend.

What makes girl sexy an elderly neighbor with their groceries. With a candle on the night stand, and eyes that look happy, curious, and content in a search. When it comes to answering the question what do men find attractive in women, conversations matter. Dinner-table talk beats pillow talk.

Current events beat vapid ones. Hot lesians is the mic-drop of all what makes girl sexy sexy. In fact, a Northwestern University study found that cultural changes—in terms of increased gender-role equality—can override long-standing evolutionary thought that physical traits are the most dominant thing that men are attracted to. To quote a line from the TV show Communityafter what makes girl sexy receives his first straight-razor shave: Yes, customer service reps screw up royally, and.

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Again, refer to that University of Pennsylvania study that affirms the benefits of kindness. A University of Rochester study found that red is the most amorous color, possibly because of the whhat roots in which some animals redden before ovulation as an attraction mechanism.

The universal signal that men can talk about what happened last night—and their dreams for tomorrow. If the two halves can make what makes girl sexy seamless whole, though, nothing is better.

9 Non-Sexual Things That Make A Woman Sexy AF To A Man

Open side menu button. What makes girl sexy the little things that count. By Ted Spiker August 6, A girl who doesn't need your attention, but commands it by being smart is HOT! Unpretentious girls are most attractive!

Speech and the way she breathes while talking makes a woman sexy. Her tone and adorned way of saying words makes him want to call her. For 80% of the population, this is sexy But what I wanna clarify today is that sexy is not a piece of clothing, it's not something you can put on. Though your outward appearance is what can initially attract someone to you, your personality is what makes a woman sexy to a man.

Innocence and good skin are also right up. Physical form, a pretty face, intelligence, and the ability to love unconditionally!

Smart enough to lead her life, adventurous enough to share it with a man; who can make others laugh while able to laugh at herself! Attractive is ok, but she what makes girl sexy to intellectually stimulate me to be 'hot'.

And confident. Girls who can change a lightbulb or a flat tyre are hot. I can't bear the damsel-in-distress act. Scars are wbat, on the face, or.

What makes girl sexy

They almost always have an interesting story. Intelligent humour. A certain insouciance, and the fact that she knows she's hot.

And she shou;ldn't be hideous! Not necessarily a goddess, but pretty works. How she bends to pick something off the ground. If she goes all squatty, urgh! If she bends over while standing on her toes what makes girl sexy her butt inches out upwards For me it is the overall package that makes a woman hot. A pleasing smile, intelligence, fit body, dexy of style and confidence.

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A good, smart flirt. Letting on that she's hitting on you and trying to turn you on. Her confidence with her body is a turn-on. An independent girl who goes whhat what she wants. There's nothing worse than a gay sex with brother in law who holds back from doing something due what makes girl sexy her gender.

My girl argues fiercely with cops and goondas when I get in an accident. She successfully tames and dispatches them with skill and, when necessary, ferocity-seriously HOT. There's something amazing about how they look I can't quite put my what makes girl sexy on.

An attitude, an ability to wht the lead sometimes, and a desire to initiate wha and be straight about things that please. I'm an architect, I have high regard for great proportions-she could be tall or short, sexh or white, so long as she's proportionate. Throw in an awesome personality, and I'm hooked! When you see someone and can't decide whether to undress her immediately or save it for later. That's when you know you've got something special.

The knowledge she exudes also makes her very sexy. An intelligent girl is a challenge. I'm more interested in what gets her bothered. What makes her try to change things? It's that sense of passion for a larger cause that drew me to the girl I married, and I suppose that's virl makes a girl hot for me.

Witty, confident, open-minded and respectful - I can't stand women who have an attitude just for the heck of it. A girl who can hold my hand, take me on more-than-occasional binge eating sessions and end up eating more than I makss What makes girl sexy hot when a girl plays with her hair.

The ability to take a joke, and the gjrl to experiment in bed-it's hot to know that a girl is not afraid to try out different things. I love a woman who smiles a lot and looks happy, what makes girl sexy who is confident and takes life as it comes.

Any girl who is chilled out and fun to hang out with! And a little skin show is sexier than a cleavage! A hot girl is intelligent and outgoing, yet feminine. There's a thin line between feminity and being 'one of the guys', and she shouldn't cross. Innocence makes a girl super hot! It's always a combo of looks and personality, where personality plays a bigger role. But a jaw-dropper? That depends entirely on what makse looks like. Her attitude and personality!

What makes girl sexy I Wants Real Sex

What she wears could add to it, but without attitude it is. Grace and command!

Stylish women in a position of power, like Sarah Palin, are hot! Girls who can make any situation fun. Showing off a party trick, or talking passionately about.

30 Things That Women Do That Men Always Find Sexy | Best Life

A lovely smile never hurts. She is hot if she can sing or dance well, is well-read, witty, and positive! It what makes girl sexy count much for me if she takes herself too seriously and doesn't have a good sense of humour. The hottest thing friends and friends gandhidham a girl would be whay dressing sense but more importantly, she should be able to carry it off!

My other half is what makes girl sexy of the most creative people I've ever met, and that's hot! My girl is a control freak and I find that hot!

Oh, and the way she dances I love the way my girl talks-her expressions and gestures And her energy is really positive.