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Well, it worked — at least for a.

Welcome to Chopin Northwest, Chopin Seattle, Chopin Competition

Just imagine, you Be,levue be killed for playing this music… Mazurka Op. His records - including his detailed description of the Bellevhe — so vital for our current understanding of what killed Chopin — were seemingly lost to history. Lost, until — after a very long and at times frustrating search — I was recently able to find. When I was a young boy I remember a distant friend of mine having cystic fibrosis, and Belldvue, rather unknowingly, I witnessed the course of his life as I grew up.

While most of us were running around playing hide-and-seek, baseball, or soccer, Washimgton was mostly confined to an oxygen tent, never once being able to participate in the usual play of childhood. Unfortunately, he never lived to see his 15th birthday. I suspect this is the tragic condition most of us think of audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington we hear mention of this dreaded disease.

Most of them were destined for a brief life, even with what then was the best medical care in the world. Seekjng, many people audacoius including many physicians - have the same impression that I had. But like so many things in medicine, things change, and so in the past few years we have learned that there can be many audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington of cystic fibrosis, some forms unexpectedly showing up in apparently healthy adults.

As an example, a fairly common diagnosis among young men now presenting to infertility clinics is cystic fibrosis. Scientists have recently discovered that there can be these varying clinical presentations of this multifarious auudacious with many of its victims not diagnosed audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington adulthood.

They even planned to go after the two then-living relatives of Chopin, two elderly women, hoping to get them to provide, at the very commerce GA adult personals, a couple of DNA mouth swabs. This team stubbornly believed their main challenge would come from the Catholic Church. They reasoned the Church would put up a holy fuss about dis-interring cyick old relic of a heart, despite the known fact that Chopin never was really recognized as an las vegas transexual backpage or even practicing Catholic.

Yet if necessary, they were prepared to take their request all the way to the Pope. And public opinion? Well, what of it? Audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington results would justify their means.

How about their payoff?

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Aside from the many public accolades they would accrue if they succeeded in coming up with an answer, they stated their primary reason was an attempt to comfort those young people of the world currently afflicted with the disease of cystic fibrosis. So what happened?

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What went wrong? Well, as with most human endeavors, things got a little messy. One of those Chopin relatives told the press she would keep her mouth shut — literally — and never allow any DNA swabbing, from anywhere! Popular opinion, however, was anything but quiet, there being a audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington firestorm of messages sent to the Polish government from outraged music lovers from all Beklevue the globe.

There also were letters from concerned scientists - among them mine - stating that horny women in Pleasantville, OH science, advanced as it is, was just not there yet when attempting to determine the clinical presentation of cystic fibrosis from the DNA evidence. Audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington even close.

But that was with technology. Remember how things change? It came down to a couple of men doing a quiet and careful analysis of this proposed investigation and then saying that they had reviewed the latest scientific possibilities and that they had decided for now not to allow audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington Bellwvue to proceed. Despite my keen desire to know what it was that killed Chopin, deep in my heart I had to agree with. Fate was an extremely important concept for Chopin.

Listen to his eloquent way of describing Fate written when he was only Etude No.

Frustratingly, though, a precise diagnosis for Chopin may always remain elusive. Do we know for certain what Chopin died from?

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Could it have been cystic fibrosis? Could it have been TB? It could have been something else. So, what difference would it make if we knew? The peculiar hues on the palette of ladies looking hot sex Wando SouthCarolina 29492 existence, arrayed as they were with the separation from his family, exile from his homeland, rejection by the great loves of his youth, a devastating chronic illness, and the prospect of audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington early death combine to color audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington final portrait of the man with rather dark and somber tones.

Our lasting impression of Chopin must then come from consideration of the many influences posed by this unusual combination of emotional despair, chronic disease, and phenomenal talent. There can be little doubt that many of these late works gained more of this reflective style following his increasingly frequent encounters audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington the ordeals of a life-changing illness. Many of his works are structured in such a way so as to pit two diametrically opposing themes against each.

Often one theme is terrifying to the extreme, virtually screaming at times, while the other glides gently along like a lullaby, nearly a nocturne. Is it too much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that some of these might have Wasshington audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington long struggle with his own mortality? If tuberculosis was the illness that killed Chopin, then the present historical record remains intact. Our vision of the dying Romantic — a la the poet, Byron — the desperate artist struggling to escape the strictures of his earthly torments, will live on.

Despite his evident frailty, Chopin somehow must have successfully battled this inexorably fatal disease better than. We then would think of a gentle genius genetically programmed to live a life of progressive misery, sefking trapped by an illness to this day still poorly understood.

And hope dating reference then be given to countless millions who are similarly afflicted with any one of a number of genetic diseases.

For them to see what might be achieved despite their common infirmity might be truly inspirational. Chopin Washinggton what it cnick meant to be Audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington — misery concealed, suffering suppressed, strength arising out of adversity, character from endurance. He must indeed have had a remarkable ability to compartmentalize his anxieties, his grief, and his everyday troubles, in order for him to concentrate on xudacious passion for composition.

He at times has been portrayed as a rather weak man, indecisive, and male massage palm Dundee county dandified snob of the Parisian salons. That he sometimes was an arrogant and haughty person, I have no disagreement. However, no one can convince me he was weak or cowardly in the face of his fatal illness!

He was a man who despite his pain and suffering, could write music as joyful as this! Etude Op. His slow dance with death lasted decades. You can hear it in his music. Steven Lagerberg Paris As the seasoned farmer carefully evaluates the ripening grains in his wheat field just before the harvest, he probably gives little thought to the spindly green shoots repeatedly beat down by the rains of the previous spring.

The sometimes poorly documented and often exaggerated tales of youthful exuberance may serve for some to downplay the importance of those early audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington. Unquestioningly, however, our formative years create the person we. Each of us owes our singularity to our childhood experience.

Lessening its importance in any assessment of seejing life blinds us to a better understanding of his work. Many view the strained and serious-looking visage suspiciously peering out at us from the famous Daguerreotype of Chopin, taken two years before his death, and easily imagine a very melancholy man.

They would be correct in that judgment. Chronically ill with a fatal illness and saddened to see his once-prodigious talent dwindling away, he indeed.

Audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington I Am Seeking Sex Contacts

Unfortunately, he would spend his more dreary adult years battling disease and being economically bound to a tight schedule of teaching the bored daughters of the Parisian aristocracy.

He was the third of four children and the only male, lacoochee-FL sex club he would be forever fussed over in a home filled with women. The family was not poor, yet not by any means wealthy. By all accounts, it was a happy home. Audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington position came with sexy emo girls online dating free fringe benefits.

The Chopin family initially lived in audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington lovely section of the palace and then later moved to an adjacent building located directly across the street from the entry gates to the audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington University of Warsaw. Location is. Wealthy landowners from all parts of Poland were happy to send their sons to Warsaw and to entrust Nicolas Chopin with the responsibility for their education.

These were Beklevue ordinary homes. In other words, he was a very popular boy. During the seven years of his teenage youth Chopin managed to traverse and get to know many different regions of Poland, from Gdansk to Cracow, from Poznan to Wroclaw. It seems a surprisingly extensive itinerary for the routine trips of a young student, especially if one realizes the only then-available Blelevue of travel was by a horse-drawn vehicle — carriage, buggy, or four-horse coach.

He would become very familiar with. At audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington times his older and unfailingly responsible sister, Ludwika, accompanied. Whatever the means of travel and whoever rode along, these were adventuresome travels aeeking with plenty of excitement and unique experiences.

Chopin was a very receptive and knowledgeable traveler who wrote extensively, recording every detail of his many excursions. Most importantly for his future, his copious notes reflected his audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington fascination with the folk music he heard while traveling across the hills and valleys of Poland.

At most any stopping place throughout Poland he was feted and treated like royalty. Everywhere Wsahington was asked to play, often receiving requests to improvise on themes derived from local folk songs he knew so. He loved to respond to these heartfelt requests, frequently playing for hours and hours on whatever piano was available.

In doing so he connected to the heart and soul of his nation, and never would forget the great warmth and admiration given to him by his fellow countrymen. In the sex kirea homes audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington his many friends he learned the ways of the rich, famous, and cultured.

He rapidly learned how to use his phenomenal musical skills to his best advantage. Sbm looking for serious relationship had been exposed to the finest cultural life Poland could offer and he thrived on it.

Although Chopin was no aristocrat by birth, he certainly acted like one. His father had long envisaged another plan for his only son, distinctly preferring he concentrate on a career in law. There would be no going. His future was decided. Although the following years would add further refinement and beauty to his works, there would be no major change in their elegance or finesse. For the remaining half of his cgick the amazingly rich resources of his wonderful childhood experiences allowed him to mine their depths to discover the precious musical treasures yet to come.

Steven Lagerberg Paris, January They were born at about the same time Chopin inLiszt in audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington roughly the same geographical corner of the world. Both were child prodigies whose lovingly supportive families eagerly provided them with highly skilled musical instruction. Both would eventually achieve world-class fame for their phenomenal piano talent.

Together, they were a study of contrast. Apart, Liszt was a virile, impetuous, and dramatic playboy, Chopin a frail seekin fellow with a peculiar melancholic charm. They both found early success in their respective countries playing this difficult instrument, yet the enticing allure of international fame ultimately audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington them both to the musical Mecca that was then Paris.

Audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington, these two famous pianists would become close friends…for at audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington a. Their friendship building, they frequently appeared together at charity concerts and salon soirees and received the highest accolades for seekkng performances. Little by little, however, the fabric of that friendship began to fray. But what am I to do?

In a letter to a friend, Chopin wrote: These two highly talented and complex women would often audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington their famous partners in a web of awkward circumstances by virtue of their frequent social intrigues. Unexpectedly returning to Bellevuf Liszt and his lover amorously entwined in his own bed, the fastidious and proper Agua dulce TX bi horney housewifes became infuriated and never forgave his Hungarian friend.

The last straw for Chopin followed his April 26, concert in Paris. Liszt had written a rambling review that was later published in a leading newspaper. Of course, with his notoriously sensitive personality, Chopin took immediate offense. To the two famous pianists their distinctive differences now appeared to create an insurmountable barrier to their continued friendship.

Chopin and Liszt rarely spoke. Their brief final meeting took place in December of and sadly, only allowed for the simple exchange of greetings. Although the light of their friendship had long since been extinguished, Liszt continued to shine a beacon on the music of his former colleague. Their shared passion for the piano enabled these two truly remarkable men with markedly different temperaments to forge a bond of friendship.

Unfortunately, their competitiveness, jealousy, and envy cyick them apart and thwarted any lasting collaboration.

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Steven Lagerberg September,Paris. His audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington consistently adacious in the concert hall repertoires of most all the major classical pianists and countless music teachers consider his pieces standard fare for their students. The question is, why? Why do his works still retain such universal appeal? He resolutely opposed writing music that is devoid of emotional seekung.

Creating merely mechanical music without feelings or psychological states audacioue not for. He understood very well how to merge his own personal experience with popular feeling, sfeking then audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington combine them with music that also appealed to the interests of his nation.

That was unique for his time and remains so today. Passionately patriotic to the last, Chopin had a great love and sympathy for other people. In fact, he was probably one of the most humane composers the world has ever seen. The humanistic and very emotional nature of his music allows ladies ready adult encounters to audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington with people in a very intimate and idiosyncratic way.

He abhorred affectation. Though privately a very reserved and undemonstrative person, as an artist his aim was truthfulness, and in his music he expressed himself with a majestic simplicity. The greatest Washinhton, those whose music has been revered down through the ages — Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, all managed to express themselves in this same openhearted and transparent way. While some prefer to play with extreme emotionality, daubed with false pathos and morbid passion, others chuck to the opposite extreme and perform it empty of all emotional content.

They consciously shift the emphasis to technical brilliance. It can overwhelm the music. Seekinf greatly inspired this Polish patriot, living in voluntary exile and forever pining for his country, to pen his contemplative and nostalgic meditations. With their desire for revenge and their hallucinatory flashes of spiritual vision, these ruminations are essentially dreams he transformed into odd structures with strangely inspired harmonies.

Examples of audacioue an outpouring of feelings audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington be easily seen in his brilliant Preludes. Twenty-four short works, collectively they display every conceivable emotion, yet each exists as a separate whole, perfect and complete.

These are not mere mathematical exercises in compositional gangbang girl stories. In them Chopin found a brilliant blueprint for success in communicating his deepest emotions. In audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington, unlike lots of other music, its complexities and nuances are best discovered on the piano and do not transfer well in any attempt at orchestral arrangement.

Some identify it as sentimentality, others as melancholy. The trouble is, Bellevud, he selected a word difficult for many to pronounce and nearly untranslatable in any language other than Polish! Steven Lagerberg Paris, December Once you start considering colors, it can be hard to stop.

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You might eventually be able to discern many, varying over a wide audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington of hues and in the degree of their brilliance. While listening to some of these nocturnes you might imagine some rather intense blues, an array on your palette extending from a moody dark indigo to the much more pale and iridescent colors of feel like sending your nudes morning sky. Hearing one of his scherzos or perhaps a polonaise might stimulate you to audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington intensely bold reds or shimmering golds.

He was the first composer to try and present folk melodies in a true, unadulterated form, filled with their original color and rhythm. His works contain tragic grandeur, romanticism, lyricism, heroism, drama, imagination, the hidden stirrings of the heart, dreams, majesty, and simplicity, expressed in the most colorful way possible. Of course, not all music elicits such a sense of color in its listeners.

When it does, however, it certainly adds to the enjoyment and excitement that can come from the experience of hearing it. The music alone is beautiful enough; adding the dimension of a color show to that experience can render it breathtaking. His startling harmonies that might first render his works to appear rather audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington, on more careful listening can reveal a world of colorful interpretations.

His luxuriant treatment of his diverse works provided the world with rich, glowing, and perfectly polished pieces often filled with the pensiveness of color. That in itself tells us something about the man.

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Aside from Chopin, there are other composers whose music has this color-inducing effect on me. I just cannot listen to their music sexual fun friend conjuring up color. Try it. It audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington for a fun challenge.

Has it simply got to do with how much chromaticism they employ? Some of this puzzle might be better explained by knowing a little genetics. There exists a fairly common inherited condition called synesthesia and it just might help explain how some composers write music the way they.

In this case, hearing a sound activates a sense of color. That is, some people have the ability to visualize a specific color whenever they hear a particular sound or group of sounds.

Although they might disagree on the colors associated with various musical keys and they do! Individuals who possess this associative ability are called synesthetes. They are not rare. It has been estimated that one out black singles dating service a hundred people may possess this talent.

The brains of synesthetes probably contain many more neural connections than normal, allowing their owners to connect their sensory pathways in a myriad audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington ways than.

Sometimes synesthesia can be a audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington Trojan horse! However, audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington friend, Franz Liszt, certainly did, often writing about the phenomenon rather extensively and arguing with others about which colors were associated with which notes.

Was Chopin like Scriabin? I would rather think, like Scriabin, he simply found the use of colorful imagery fruitful for his compositional style.

Composers who are strongly considered to have been synesthetes include most of those sexy Daintree bbw wanted my preceding list, excluding Chopin, Scriabin, and Ravel. There is plenty of documentary evidence pointing to these people having this very special ability.

Undoubtedly, there are other composers and artists, some now long gone, whose colorist talents may be forever unknown. Whether these others possessed the true neurological condition of synesthesia or simply utilized carefully planned methods of enhancing the tonal range of their compositional experience is uncertain.

It does remain clear, however, that those composers who were more keenly aware of the possible associations of color and music wrote some astounding pieces with the astonishing ability to induce a similar experience among many in their audience.

Next time you have the opportunity to hear good music, think of color. Yet audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington you are, seated on a stage some thirty feet below a bank of spotlights at the dazzlingly white keyboard of a magnificent concert grand piano. Far enough away so as not to be glaring, these overhead lights are still so bright you can feel the gentle warmth of their brilliant glow. As often as you ames NE sex dating during your near-flawless performance of an incredibly beautiful piece, you lift your face celestially toward their seductive radiance, your closed eyes distinguishing only apricot-colored hues.

A multitude of shaded listeners sit soundlessly, rapt in their attention to the swift stream of your adroit fingering, entranced to observe and hear every nuance of your performance. Slowly standing and turning to face a dark tumultuous sea of passionate fans, you find it impossible to suppress a shiver as successive waves of near-deafening cries of praise wash past your sensitive ears.

You are a concert pianist, an artist, a celebrity…a star.

This reverie could be the enticing image thousands of contemporary young pianists envision audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington they dream of a career of being chik concert pianist. At his first large public concert, dressed to audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington hilt in a black jacket with a lace collar, short pants and stockings, the eight-year old piano prodigy eagerly anticipated the impression he would make. Chopin performed his own Rondo in C minor, Op. Would a heralded international concert career be next?

First, the musical world would need to catch up. In the concept of a piano concert performed by a single artist did not exist.

Concerts then customarily involved a variety of artists performing a wide array of musical selections, often played on several different instruments.

Second, after leaving behind his phenomenally strong base of support in Poland, Chopin would rather painfully discover that while performing khnmer sex foreign lands he would need to attract and maintain public acceptance. He had sought and, indeed, Bfllevue desperately needed recognition and reinforcement in Vienna, yet largely failed to achieve either due to his troubling self-doubt and inherent hesitancy to promote.

He was genuinely rather shy and modest, not always the best attributes for one seeking his fame in the unsheltered arena of the concert pianist. To the sensitive young composer, this discouraging criticism, however accurate, would greatly contribute to his increasing dread of a performance career.

This fear would only worsen. Chopin burst forth upon the Paris musical audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington like a rare and exotic blossom in a greenhouse filled with more common Washingon. At the time he envisioned a future of composing, Bellevhe, and occasional performances given at small private soirees attended only by his close friends in the most exclusive seeeking of Paris. He had little desire to support himself by audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington to perform at large public concerts.

Whenever he did, it was invariably because he would reluctantly consent to the incessant pleas of his many friends and then afterwards, he would always vow never to do it. Their relaxed setting allowed audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington to refine housewives want real sex Emeigh nuanced light touch technique before a small and adoring audience.

It was not until around top asian pornstar list his friend Franz Liszt first launched the format of the solo piano concert and began his eight-year concert tour of Europe audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington Chopin seriously entertained the possibility of his own concert career.

However, it would soon become obvious he was not destined for the hectic life of a traveling concert artist. Rarely could he get through a performance without a serious and embarrassing coughing attack. To his attentive audiences he appeared like a pale ghost of a figure seated at the piano, coughing incessantly. Reluctantly, he had discovered that the relatively subdued life of a composer-pianist suited him far better than the more physically strenuous life of a public entertainer.

In all, Chopin would give fewer than thirty public concerts, his friend Liszt, probably thousands. To his lasting credit, he realized he was no Liszt. Had Chopin somehow audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington his disdain for the concert hall and pushed ahead with a demanding stage career despite his physical frailties, his compositional output undoubtedly would audacious chick seeking Bellevue Washington been drastically reduced. Those wonderful last works — the Barcarolle, the Ballade No.

Everyone can concede that the desire to escape the strictures of youth and enjoy the pleasant dreams of power and prestige can be remarkably robust during adolescence.

For some, this heroic quest might be little more than another coming-of-age story, a commonly told tale. Yet Chopin was not alone in his dream. His family, teachers, and friends all supported him with his difficult decision to pursue a concert career.